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Hollywood Reporter:
Mineo Article

Vengeance Trail: Movie presently  in post- production here in California. I'm playing the part of "Slick"

Expansion: Future expansion area for the web site 

             My 'Cuda- Purchased in 1989

Movie Projects still in the works (for those keeping score)
Latest news- My New Car


2009 Pontiac G8 GXP- Mine is White

Here's a Motorweek story about the GXP:




 My Activities:    
The reason I came out here to Los Angeles.

Sal Mineo Movie Project
My partners and I are working on the story of Sal Mineo's rise to the top and tragic end. Now in development / pre-production.

Epic Software Site Implementation Manager
Medical Center Implementation Manager for the Epic Medical Records software.  The job that supports my "other" careers.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy
I'm working as a Patrol Deputy with Reserve Forces, which means I'm usually working one day a week as opposed to full time.

Haven't been to LA?
Great Weather
Lots to do
Tons of traffic...OK, stay home.
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